Monoprice tablet is MUCH cheaper than wacom, and while the pen’s nib is killing my hand, I’m actually quite impressed with how sensitive it is even with only half of wacom’s pressure sensitivity! (And maybe the fact that it hurts my hand can actually be a productive thing, as it keeps me from falling asleep. Hmm.)

But yeah, I’m really impressed with this little thing. ‘bought the 8x5 inch one straight from their website (which provides international shipping, while their Amazon channel doesn’t), tried it straight away after it arrives and as much as I loath the quickstart guide for grammar reasons, the only issue I seem to be having with it is, really, the fact that I’m sorta in a hate-love relationship with the pen (I actually finished two pictures without falling asleep but ow my hands)

Ramblings aside, have the new cleric costume (uncoloured, I felt lazy—of course, as usual since I’m being lazy I don’t even bother with references /SHOT) and a random original character picture as a byproduct of my first time with this little sadist */stabs tablet lovingly*

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